Monday, January 12, 2009

Final Project for Wednesday

Well, after getting kids off the bus, getting dinner on the table, running to the store, and then going to my first Pop Warner Board Meeting as Secretary (WHAT WAS I THINKING????), I made it home and got the last project ready for Wednesday Night. But first, I have to do a little bragging! During the board meeting, one member slipped up, not realizing who's mom I was and announced that they even had one cheerleader this year make it to the All-American Regional Scholars Team... then says I think her name was Anna Williams. I blurted out "that's my daughter!" and she says "OOPS! Act surprised when you get the official call!!" Only 42 kids from the entire Henlopen Region (which is almost all of DE and Berlin, and Salisbury) moved on to regionals based on their grades in school. Only 35 7th Grade Girls from the entire Eastern Region which includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and D.C.
made the 2009 Scholars Team!!! Okay back to Stamping... Here is the final project for Wednesday Night's Class....

Hope to get Thursday Night Club's projects designed, prepped and packed tomorrow!
Will try to post pics!
Good Night!

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